Advanced – Using variables to create a “score system”

A key aspect for a program is the ability to store and re-use values to “remember things”. For example we would like to know the score in a game or if a question was already made or if we finished all tasks in a game. For all this scenario we will use some special blocks in the category Variables.

First of all we need to change the level to Advanced in order to use Variables! Click on the Options button in the upper left corner of the screen to change your level!

After activating the Advanced Level, we can create, set, read or modify a Variable using special blocks.

We can create as many Variables we want but remember to keep things simple and procede step by step testing your code!

Teacher and Trainers suggestion

When sharing a Training Activity remember to select the Advanced option in the Coding level section

Very often Variables are handy in conjunction with Math blocks and numbers…

A good example of using Variables would be showing a Victory animation if the Score is bigger than 10.

Would you like to see Variables in action? You can remix this Advanced Project where you can find a simple Score system for our Covid19 quiz

We suggest to check the simple version of the quiz if you haven’t Getting Started – How to create a quiz