FAKE | Advisory Groups

Did you know that F.A.K.E project has Advisory Groups (AG)

Advisory Groups are created in each partner’s country and sustained by trainers and trainees.  They provide a safe space in which all participants are on equal terms and horizontally driven to support our project deliverables. Among the AG there are participants who are youth ambassadors; that is, leaders of the teams. The Advisory groups co-participate in all Intellectual Outputs (IOs) and play a key role in exploitation and dissemination among peers, taking into account that horizontal sharing among peers is more efficient and successful than top-down and vertical ones.

The main goals of our Advisory groups are:
– to share information and points of view on fake news analysing together which aspects are relevant for them to reveal misinformation and why they can be so impressive more than real ones;
– to co-design activities of digital tools sharing expectations and suggestions, as users, with the technical partner who will develop them;
– to actively participate in the online contest & training (IO3)
– to share and disseminate the digital tools both with other youth not in the AG and on digital platforms (like YouTube, Facebook, etc.). 
– to design and take part in national campaigns, providing dedicated videos.

The Advisory groups meet regularly and are the key point of our project. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to fighting FAKE news!

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Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash