Category: Tutorial

  • The 6 blocks challenge

    Lets test yourself by creating a story without using any text block: duplicate and personalize the 6 given coding blocks to create an animation capable of transmitting emotions and a story! Respect the boundaries: use only those 6 blocks! You can have as many as you want of them but you cannot use other kind […]

  • Advanced – Using variables to create a “score system”

    A key aspect for a program is the ability to store and re-use values to “remember things”. For example we would like to know the score in a game or if a question was already made or if we finished all tasks in a game. For all this scenario we will use some special blocks […]

  • Getting Started – How to create a quiz

    Let’s create a quiz about Covid19: use the provided project to explore the Show Menu block and create your own quiz! You can create an interactive quiz very easily with the Show Menu block! For example a block like this… …will produce this to the user: Your program will wait for the user to select […]

  • Getting Started – How to create a basic dialog

    The Wizard has a strange idea about Covid19…